Salaam Cup’s Media Hub Scores a Hat Trick

Whilst most of the eyes at Salaam Cup 2018 will rightly have been watching the action on the pitch, there was another team behind-the-scenes that were performing wonders of their own. The Media team at Salaam Cup 2018 can deservedly claim a hat trick in their handling of the AV desks, the media content, as well as, the match scoring.

It was no easy feat. The gruelling tasks began long before the first whistle was blown and even before the Opening Ceremony. In fact, fourteen hours of set-up time was needed to put together the £1M worth of tech equipment encompassing speakers, cables, audiovisual equipment and various television screens across the site. The team worked through the night on Friday and were only able to get a couple hours’ sleep before the event began.

The centrepiece – forty-five individual panels systematically placed together formed the awe-inspiring LED screen and provided the dramatic France vs Argentina World Cup fixture to an enthusiastic audience. But there was no time to celebrate a job well done as even after the trophies had been handed out, the team stayed into the small hours dismantling and de-rigging the equipment.

The media content captured throughout the day has been second to none. With over six thousand pictures taken, live streams on FaceBook, YouTube, and Instagram as well as an array of insightful Live interviews with invited guests, London Assembly Members, and Local Councillors, there certainly was no stone left unturned.

And certainly from the players’ perspective – the most important of all, the scoring desks, which were constantly fed latest score cards from all the various tiers. These were immediately inputted into the system and latest standings, points, fixtures and all other crucial information was generated and displayed for all to see.

On the whole the Media Hub with all their various briefs have certainly played a blinder and if you were too busy during the day itself to keep up with all the uploads, you can check them out now!

Sameer Merali