Salaam ‘World’ Cup Food Squad

Doesn’t matter if you don’t know the definition of OFFSIDE or FREE KICK.
Come and meet the FOOD Squad with a variety of selections.

• London Smokehouse

What’s Your Beef @ Salaam Cup

• Twisted Chips

Add a twist to Salaam Cup with  hot and tasty spiral fried potatoes on a stick!

• German Sausages


Mesut Ozil can’t be present at Salaam Cup – but we will have The German Sausage

• East African BBQ

Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda did not qualify for Salaam Cup – but Africa will be represented by East African BBQ

• Azad Paan Hut

The Most Experienced and The Captain!

• SJFA Burgers

The Most Skillful SC Food Stall Team – SJFA Burgers

• Wafflestick

Eden Hazard will not be at Salaam Cup but Enjoy FRESHLY MADE BELGIAN WAFFLES ON STICKS @ Salaam Cup, DRIZZLED IN LUXURY SAUCES and topped with goodies!

• Baskin Robbins

The Coolest Player at Salaam Cup – Baskin Robbins Northwood