SJ Chair Message – Abbas Merali

As I type this and reflect on the Salam Cup 2017 that took place just over a week ago, I have nothing but sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Salaam Cup Core Team & Salaamteers in the how they went about their business which was  clearly reflected in the joyous, festive and fun-loving spirit and atmosphere the Cup was played in and the families enjoying their day out.

As a coach on the day of both my Tier 4 teams, it was immensely fulfilling to see how much the boys enjoyed all aspects of the day; the bonding, the banter, the competition, the cheering, the food court, the stalls, the ice creams and chatting and chilling in between their matches calculating if they had made it to the Semi Finals or not!

As the chair of Stanmore Jafferys, I caught many glimpses of how much work and love was poured into the logistics and organisation  pre-event, and execution on the day. To cater for almost 1,800 people and the needs of the various strands (the players, coaches, managers, parents, stall holders, food stall holders, rides and entertainment stalls etc) is not a joke and had its fair share of challenges. However, nothing was ever to big or too small for the SC2017 Team and the ‘off course we can’ ethos in which they executed was a reflection of the team that lead this SC2017.

There were over 70 people SC Team 2017 involved on the day, but I am going to take the risk of naming a few of the team who worked tirelessly to ensure every angle was covered: Shafique Govani, Husein Pirbhai, Kumail Merali, Hyderali Datoo, Mustafa Walji, Afzal Pradhan, Hassan Pirbhai, Wasim Fazal, Nasima Karim, Sabera Aloo, and Maryam Merali! Thank you! The heart-warming and outpouring of positive messages was a real testament to Team SC2017! As always an event of this magnitude, will have constructive feedback, which I know will be taken on board to make improvements going forward immediately and for Salaam Cup 2018!
A huge congratulations to all our winners, and to those who missed out this year (which includes my own teams!) see you at Salaam Cup 2018 stronger and better!

Best Wishes!

Abbas Merali
Stanmore Jafferys