SJ Gents Membership Subscriptions – Update

Dear All,


Subsequent to the suspension of all SJ Sports Activities from Monday 16 March 2020, please find below an update on our subscriptions for this year which we think is the most practical solution given the unprecedented situation we are all facing:

1.  Direct Debit Payments – After the last collection this month (which covers January & February); we will put a hold on all Direct Debits until further notice

2.  Annual Subscriptions – All those who have kindly paid their annual subscriptions, we will issue a refund as soon as we get more clarity on when we will recommence our activities. A new pro-rata rate will be introduced from the point we recommence till the end of the year which will and will include the two months till 28 February 2020. A refund will be processed based on the difference of the revised rate and total amount paid.

3.  Unpaid Annual Subscriptions – All those who have yet to renew their annual subscriptions, no further payment is required for now. When the new pro-rated is released (which will include the two months till 28 February 2020), you will be required to make renew your subscriptions which will take into account the period to 28 February 2020.

4.  Pay as you Go – any members who had opted for the PAYG option, we will send out the links in due course. Please kindly ensure you pay for the number of sessions attended.

Please note, as a gesture of goodwill given the difficult situation we are all facing, we have decided not to take include the period 1 March 2020 – 15 March 2020 as part of the membership fees.

For any queries, please email:

SJ Team