SJFA 2018 Salaam Cup – A View From The Hujjat President

Salamun Alaykum

What a fabulous weekend it was, and I am not talking about the weather- Salaam Cup. The show down began when the budding stars of the future and gems of our extended community started registering for the tournament. There was a Buzz everywhere, excitement and thrill and the BBQ had not even started.

Whilst we all turned up on time, the volunteers have been on site since Friday night setting up the venue. I missed the setup of the large screen TV and the dismantling as well, I was looking for the muscle guy, who could have lifted that large screen- Definitely not Uncle Mo! and Shafique Biceps are less than mine!

How far has Stanmore Jaffery come. I still remember very vividly, when I was the sports secretary of Ithna-Ashery Union of Stanmore and was responsible for organising football for the children, we used to hire Aldenham from 4-8.30 PM for football and that used to be enough and we only needed one parent to supervise and we had one football coach. I remember taking the young kids to Peterborough for a football tournament and we only needed 2 cars to fit our team, and to a tournament to South London, whereby I took our 12 seater- and we had Syed Ammar Nakhswani with us- Yes Syed Ammar has SJ Blood in him, and the prodigal son returned to SJFA to close the events at SC 2018.

Needless to say, how successful the Salaam Cup was, for those who attended, have witnessed by their own eyes and for those who could not make it, I would urge you all to look at the video clips on SJFA facebook.
A lot of work and man hours goes behind any successful event and this was no different, I am led to believe the work for Salaam Cup starts at the debriefing which is due to be held in the next few weeks.

I would like to extend my heartiest congratulation and warmest of appreciation to all those hundreds of volunteers who have worked so hard and selflessly to make Salaam Cup a success. Whilst we cannot thank them enough, but Inshallah their reward lies in the hereafter.

Salaam Cup is a win-win situation, not only are we able to bring the wider community together, we are also able to clear the misconception amongst the wider community about Islam and Muslims.

Salaam Cup is going from strength to strength and getting bigger. It looks like for the future year, we might need to have qualifying rounds for team to qualify for the Salaam Cup- but rest assure Stanmorians, the Host always get wild card!

Stanmore Jaffery have always had the support from KSIMC of London and this support will continue.

Together we will make this community a better community.

Dr Munir M Datoo
President- KSIMC of London (Hujjat- Stanmore)