SJFA Facilitate Mental Health Seminar

On Sunday the 18th of February 2018, SJFA collaborated with Manisha Tailor MBE to deliver a seminar on Mental Health – “It’s Time To Talk About Mental Health.”  The focus – With The Child In Mind.

The seminar attended by approx 45 people consisting of SJFA parents and the wider community covered:

  • What is mental health?
  • Introduction to why mental health is important and its impact on families
  • Identification – what do you look for and how do you know?
  • How can YOU help?
  • Q & A

Manisha also shared some real life situations including one close to her own family (click here to watch the video).

The talk was really insightful on a subject that some people/communities still struggle to understand and the impact it can have on a family.

Some of the comments shared by the participants are shared below:

  • Excellent and insightful talk targeting specific age groups
  • Excellent programme that addresses the need to discuss breaking down barriers as it is still taboo – we must talk about mental health openly.
  • Thank you Manisha for your time – all the best and god bless.
  • Very thought provoking and will affect change – can we have more please?
  • An excellent talk and we definitely need more in the future.
  • This was really inspiring!
  • A real eye opener – thank you so much.  Definitely need to spend time with the kids to find out what is going on with their lives.
  • Gained insight on mental health, symptoms and ways you can deal with it as well as professional help
  • Informative and gave important points about picking up on behaviour early.
  • Excellent – thank you, we need more of this.
  • Great introduction – we need more please.
  • Really good – we definitely need more discussion about this in our community for the children and adults.

What the community said they would like to see:

  • We need more of these talks.
  • A workshop that provides practical tips on dealing with these issues
  • Additionally talking about and sharing positive/good mental health for young children. In school we have a ‘mind-up’ story where children spend 2 minutes telling a story that makes them feel positive and empowered – we could put an Islamic spin on this.
  • A workshop for the children would be beneficial.
  • More on dealing with loss and its emotional impact.
  • I would like more on how to identify the signs and coping mechanisms
  • Could we explore other causes of mental health other than bullying.
  • More on recognising, dealing and next steps.
  • More on ways we can raise awareness in our communities.
  •  How do we tackle mental health with the older generation?

The SJFA will take on the above feedback and continue to work with Manisha on further talks/workshops of this nature in the future.

We would like say a big thank you to Manisha in taking the time out and coming to share her experiences with us today and for all her valuable advise and tips. Thanks also to all the attendees of today’s programme and a special thanks to the SIM team for all their support and assistance in helping to run today’s programme.

We are also sharing a link here covering Manisha own experience.
Please look for future workshops.

Salaams & Duas