SJFA Facilitates FA Juniors Football Leaders Course

In conjunction with the Middlesex FA, SJFA organised a FA Juniors Football Leaders Course attended by 24 boys and girls. Attendees included boys who play for clubs in the Chiltern Church Junior League and other local clubs including Northwood F.C and Forest Green.

The FA Junior Football Leaders Award, awarded by FA Education, provides a basic introduction to the leadership skills required when involved in football.

The course introduces four areas: assisting football activity sessions, an introduction to refereeing, helping with a team and different football events. In addition to these areas, Respect, promoting and developing the game are embedded.

  • Block 1 – Introduction to the course
    – How to get involved in Football
    – Getting involved and helping those involved to ‘get better’

  • Block 2 – Assisting football activity sessions
    – Creating a safe learning environment
    – Organising games
    – Introduction to the basics of FUNdamentals

  • Block 3 – An introduction to refereeing
    – Preparing to referee
    – Whistle techniques and introduction to Ball In, Ball Out
    – Safety of the players and re-starts to the game
  • Block 4 – Helping with a team
    – Preparing for the game
    – Warm-up prior to the game
    – Organising and managing players expectations

We thank all the boys and girls for attending the course and their engagement though out the day. We hope this course gave the participants an insight and background into the opportunities available for them in the future.