SJFA & Sufra Food Collection – 12 November (New Date) – Please Support

Salaam Alaikum

Over 150 boys and their families attended training on 8 October. On this day SJFA also kicked off its collaboration with Sufra. Fahim Dayha, Project Mananger at Sufra, gave a small talk to the boys on how Sufra supports local communities but also to make the boys understand that helping someone in the local community does not necessary mean helping someone of the same colour/religion but anyone who needs help.

Every year, Sufra NW London collects and distributes over 50 tonnes of non-perishable food to nearly 4,000 people in absolute crisis. These include a wide range of beneficiaries such as the mentally unwell, the disabled, carers, the unemployed, the elderly and low-income families affected by poverty. The Food Bank, which relies entirely on donations from the public, is the culmination of extensive partnerships with local charities, corporate sponsors, faith communities and youth organisations, which together ensure that no one in our community should ever go hungry.

The collection of the groceries will now be held on 12 November as we are concious that over the next couple of weeks the boys/parents are away during Half Term and/or attending majlises – it is important we having maximum exposure for this worthwhile charity. We ask the SJFA Family to support this good cause by encouraging their sons to bring some items on the shopping list to the next training session on 12 November.

Click here to watch the video.

We thank you for your support.