SJFA U10 – High Wycombe Futsal League

Raring to go, this was the third futsal tournament the boys were entering.

England Squad was as follows:
Abbas Alloo (GK Aka Joe Hart)
Jaabir Waljy aka Gary Cahill
Adam Valjy aka Adam Lallana
Aliraza Hamir aka Deli Alli
Hassan Merali aka Jamie Vardy
Amaar Bandali aka Jermain Defoe

Dressed in our version of the England kit, i.e. SJ top and black shorts, all of them looked in shape and were raring to go.

Game 1 was against a team that had been relegated from the Premiership to our division.

The game started off really well, the boys were playing well and were compact.  Jabir was coping with their attackers, and I have to say they had the best player on that day playing for them.  Amaar had a few shots and Aliraza Hamir was strong in midfield.

Then the turning point.  The opposition had a shot which got deflected and ended up in the net.  After that the pressure started piling on, and Abbas Alloo made one fabulous save off the line, which he admitted after the game may have crept over, but the referee didn’t see.

Soon after the first goal, their star player came alive and was performing all sorts of magical passes and trickery.  They then went two, three, four and the score ended up as 5-0.

Game 2 was a team we thought we should beat.  But this time our boys didn’t play that well for some reason.  We were out of sorts and our passes were getting intercepted easily, and at stages we had three against one.  The opposition went one up within a few minutes, and we did try to play, and had a few shots but weren’t ever in the match.  The match ended 2-0.

Game 3, this was the last game we had to play, and I just told the boys to go out there and enjoy themselves, as the result wouldn’t really matter too much in the standings.  So we swapped a few things around. Aliraza Hamir went in goal and Abbas Alloo went as striker.

This time I guess because there wasn’t any pressure, the boys finally played  they have played like in the past.  The passing was crisp and the understanding of each other’s play was there.  Abbas and Hassan played really well together, and the two combined to put us one up with Abbas scoring.

Amaar and Adam then came together and put a few passes together and BANG, Amaar scores our second.  Jaabir once again was keeping the defensive gates closed, although on his own at times, and Aliraza although not a goalkeeper, made some fantastic saves.  The opponents did manage to score two, but they was nothing Aliraza could do about them.

Soon after Amaar scored his second and eventually his hat-trick.  Hassan Merali in the dying minutes scored his goal to seal the game 5-2.

In the end, I think it was one of those tournaments you kind of knew which team would win it, but we fell short of second place. Next time…..