SJFA – U10s Fitness & Skills Session

On Sunday 14th June 2020, the u10s took part in a zoom fitness, strength and skills session driven by our coach Sabir Uncle.

We carried out several exercises and challenges. This began with stretches such as lunges, hamstring stretches, quad stretches, arm stretches and opening and closing the gates. We then moved on to cardio fitness such as high knees, heel taps and step overs and these were all done to certain timings to make it high intensity.

After this we began to work on our core and body strength where we did throw ins, press ups, sit ups and squats and again these were timed. We then shifted our focus to skills and ball control where we worked on our fast feet, our ball movement and in game skills again with timings.

We then attempted an exhausting plank between 30 seconds to a minute. And finally, we practiced our technique with kick ups. We then had to repeat this routine twice making it very tiring but we know it will be helpful in the long run to make us better footballers.

This workout massively helped to improve our fitness and footballing talent to prepare for a return to the football season and SJFA after these unexpected and difficult times. It will ensure we are fully prepared to come back with great fitness and improved talent. We hope to continue these sessions to help develop us as footballers.

Thank you,
Muhammad Mahdi Govani