SJFA U11 Futsal League – 6th January 2018

Ali Dewji
Alireza Hamir
Husayn Ali Abbas Ismail
Jaabir Walji
Ali-Rayhan Merali
Yasin Merali
Muhammad Mahdi Panju (GK)

As we prepared for our first 2 matches in this new U11 futsal league, I received many supporting message from other SJFA coaches hoping that this new challenge would not be a step too far for us.  Different rules, different ball, different surface, different level of technical ability required.

However in this age group, we have an excellent mix of players who are not only good on the ball but also very willing to learn new skills and improve.

We played 2 games, back to back, both against specialist futsal only teams.

We lost the first game 3-1 and the second game 6-4.  Close games on both occasions but what was most telling was the improvement over the two games as the boys got used to this new environment.  This bodes well for future matches over the next couple of months.

We performed very well in hustling for the ball, counter-attacking and our goalkeeper’s display showing his continued improvement.  The areas in which we need to improve including moving the ball quicker, shorter sharper passes, set plays and fitness.  The manager and coaches will work on these areas especially after attending a futsal FA level 1 course next week.

Most importantly, each of the players really enjoyed the experience and learned from it.  The league was extremely well organised with digital scoreboards counting down the time, excellent referees and also videos of the game posted on line afterwards.  I would encourage you to view the matches or even better, come along and support the boys at the next round of matches.  Thanks to the admin team and parents for giving the boys this most enjoyable opportunity.

Written by Nazir Dewji, tier 4 coach