SJFA U11 vs AFC Wembley


Ali Hadi Govani (C)
Aliabbas Suleiman (GK)
Ali Khatau
Mouneer Al-Khayat
Mohamedmahdi Janmohamed
Mohammed Mohsin Kanani
Sami Merali
Shaahid AP
Zahidali Jamal
Hassan Merali Dewji

Venue: Willesden Sports Centre
SJ started with a formation in a match that would be played in 30 min halves. Wembley took an early corner, which was well defended by SJ, with Sami putting pressure on the home team by piercing through their defence. Unfortunately, SJ conceded an early goal 10minutes into the game. Some great plays were set up by Sami, and he also took a shot, but it was saved by the GK. Another corner for Wembley, and they managed to cross it and scored.

Wembley took another shot after a couple of high balls, which was thankfully saved by the SJ keeper.

SJ stayed strong and kept their position in the Wembley half, with a great attempt on goal by Tommi, followed by another two shots from us, but the keeper saved them, conceding a corner. Khatau was fouled, which resulted in a penalty. The Wembley keeper dived to the left and saved it. They responded with a quick dash through to our half. The SJ defence tried desperately to clear, but conceded another goal, making it 3-0 to them.

Although there was some strong defending by SJ, the back post was unmarked and Wembley shot and score again, followed by another corner, and another goal. 5-0 and not yet half-time. Wembley were putting more pressure on SJ, but they held their fort, clearing anything in their half. They continued to attack strong, however, and we conceded another goal. 6-0. SJ kept their heads up, and Sami shot, saved by the keeper. Wembley rekindled their determination and counter-attacked to put one in just before half time: 7-0.

With a quick start to the second half, SJ seemed to have possession. Wembley countered and pierced through the left side to shoot. A save by the keeper? Unlucky! The ball was not held and Wembley scored: 8-0.
Despite some robust defending by SJ and saves by the keeper, Wembley sustained their pressure and managed to score another 2 goals in quick succession! SJ kept their heads up and were determined to stay in the game. A great counter by SJ, and some multiple rebounds, but SJ just could not find the goal!
Wembley were quick to retaliate and this time pierce through the right side. A cheeky goal by Wembley took it to 11-0. SJ kept their confidence up, and took 2 strikes, desperately looking for their breakthrough but there were some great saves by Wembley.

Even a free kick to SJ did not materialise! SJ were holding the fort but conceded to Wembley in the final minutes, with Wembley producing another two goals: 13-0. SJ kept up their attempts on goal into the final minute and never gave up, showing great determination.

This match displayed a robust effort by SJ, who did not let the score line affect their motivation to score. Wembley showed some great skills and cohesion, which was reflected in the final result to Wembley: 13-0.

By: Dr Murtaza Kanani (parent)