SJFA U13 vs FA Talent Disability Centre


Kumail Merali
Zaamin Valjy
Jawad Khatau (C)
Irfaan Kanji
Ali Datoo
Ali-Abbas Dossa (GK)
Muhammad Gulamhussein

The SJ boys went into this match knowing it wouldn’t be easy but they could do it as they have done before. The game would be played in 3 parts. The match started off with the scene already massive. The opposition got off to a great start and scored a few, not worried at all – until we managed to test their defence a bit. We could not hit the back of the net until Irfan thought he would be a maverick and strike the ball from a right-hand side kick into the bottom left hand corner. This match ended 4-1 to the other team.

In the second match the other team got off to an even better start but the SJ boys never started. Jawad and Muhamad played great in their position but found themselves on their own a lot with not a lot of help from the wingers. Our only goal came from a pass back to the keeper that went wrong and rolled past the line. This match ended 5-1 to the opposition.

During the break, Mo Uncle had a quick pick-up speech with the boys. Everyone knew that they had the ability but it just wasn’t our day – no one had enough samosas prior to kick-off. In the last match we managed to hold off the other team quite well but they still managed to slip 4 goals past our keeper – who most of the time made sure that the goal was vacant of any footballs.

None of the three results went our way, but the SJ boys will head into next week’s fixture being wiser of the game and hopefully bring home a win.

Report by Kumail Merali (Tier 5)