SJFA U13 vs FA Talent Disability Centre

Imran Chandoo
Ali Datoo
Ali-Abbas Dossa (GK)
Muhammad Gulamhussein
Irfaan Kanji (c)
Jawad Khatau
Kumail Merali
Zaamin Valjy

This was our second visit to a different form of football called Futsal. Previously, they had come out the stronger team, winning by a large margin. This game, however, was far more evenly matched.

Kick off! We always knew it wasn’t going to be easy. We got off to a winning start when a ball thrown to Zaamin was slotted home. We grabbed another soon after when Irfaan intercepted a missed pass making the score 2-0. So far so good. It wasn’t long, however, before the biggest player on their team forced his way through our defence and bulleted it into the back of the net. 2-1. 1st quarter finished.

After a discussion with the coach. Mohammed Uncle, we continued with the 2nd quarter of the game. Jawad then found Imran with a lovely ball but, and with his composure, he was never going to miss. Well-worked goal. The ball landed at Irfaan’s feet and a goal – which some would call a fluke – into the top left. (That was always where he was aiming).  4-1. A missed pass from the back led to a clumsy goal for them to pull one back. Unfortunately for their player, a blocked shot from SJ which then rebounded off another of their players slowly rolled into their own net. Zaamin was able to score his second just before the half time whistle. This was definitely our best quarter with solid defending from Muhammad and Jawad and all-round well-played attacking. The 2nd quarter ended with 6-2 to us.

Our coach congratulated us, and the FA’s coach must have given them a confidence boost too, as from the third quarter onwards they came back fighting with great spirit. Their biggest player, who was always a threat to us, managed to retrieve the ball back and lay it off to one of their attackers who put it through the goalie’s legs and into our net. Another one of their goals come from the dangerous man who looked unstoppable. Ali managed to pull the first and only goal for SJ of the quarter on a counter when we gained the ball from their attack with a smart interception from Kumail Merali. It was really difficult to get past their goalkeeper as he was big and was always on top of his game. The FA’s team had many skilful players, one of which went across the left wing with a great ball for one of their players to slot into the bottom left corner. They definitely came out top in this quarter and would certainly keep up their spirits until the end of the match. 7-5 with only one quarter left.

With the last quarter still to play, the game could still go either way. Irfaan luckily got an early goal which enlarged the gap to three goals. However, whilst we were cruising we conceded two goals which closed the gap to only one goal. Fortunately for us, we scored a crucial goal at the last minute. Zaamin managed to get his hat-trick with an easy tap-in from a pass across goal from Irfaan, who didn’t want to take the risk of missing. They managed to get one back just before the final whistle blew.

Full time: SJ-9:8-FA’s partially sighted/deaf team

It was a very enjoyable match for both sides and credit goes to the FA’s side as they didn’t let their disability get in the way of the match and didn’t use it as an excuse. Fortunately for us, there wasn’t more time or else who knows what the end result would have been. It was a well-contested match and SJ are keen to play more of this type of football.

Goal scorers:
Own goals-1