SJFA U13/14 v SJFA U15/16

On the day of January 21st, our SJFA tier 5 team had the great opportunity to play a match against the SJFA tier 6 team. The match was played at The Hive in Edgware. The whole team was ecstatic about playing against the older boys.

The match was played in thirds, each lasting 20 minutes long and alternating sides.

The game started with our kick off, with Tier 5 starting with real confidence. The other team began to press our defence, however we fought back. Most their team were much bigger and stronger than us but it didn’t stop us from wanting the win. Our team kept their cool and continued to battle for the ball, encouraged by the coach. We were struggling to withstand their strength at times but we managed. Our defence was holding up well against their attacks.

We had a few chances, with Mahdi striking the ball with immense power, but he just missed the sweet spot. The end of the first third called for a time out, the score still even with no goals for either side. After a quick substitution, we were back onto the pitch with MJ in the attacking midfield position and Muntazir on the left-wing.

In the second third we increased our desire to win and attacked to no end. We ourselves, could see an improvement in our game. We managed to hold our own and created more opportunities for Mahdi, our striker. We started to spread out the play between both wings as the game evened out. We had a couple of chances where we could have buried the ball into the back of the net, however, luck didn’t seem to be on our side.  The 2nd third ended goal-less too, but we knew we had played well and were much happier with our team performance.

As Abbasali drove up down the right-wing, we brewed up a few openings but they didn’t materialise into any goals. Playing as an attacking four, MJ, Abbasali, Mahdi and Irfaan tried to attack using the wings as much as possible, with a quite a few attempts. Most of our shots led to corners, which were delivered to perfection. However, we could not make anything out of them. Due to half the team being up the field we were constantly hit on the counter, but this time it led to them scoring a rebounded goal in injury time. All their shots on goal were effortlessly saved by Muhammad Zayn but he just couldn’t get to it this time.

The game ended with a score of 1-0. It was a great experience to play the older age group and we can now learn from our mistakes to improve our game.

By Muhammad Jawad Virjee (MJ)
Tier 5 (U13)