SJFA U14 vs Babylon Lions

Ali Abbas Suleman (GK)
Mohammed Mahdi Dewji
Ali Merali
Husayn Yahya merali
Zia Dewji
Mohammed Mahdi Janmohamed
Muhammed Mahdi Panju
Jameel Walji
Ali Khatau

The game kicked off with Janmohamed and Khatau on the bench to start off with. The opposition started energetically and dominated the first 5 minutes. After a quick break against the run of play we won a corner. Panju placed the ball down and floated in an inviting cross for Yahya to thump in. 1-0!! With our mementom from the goal we eased into the game. Zia played a De Bruyne esque through ball to Jameel who finished the ball into the bottom corner. 2-0!! We continued dominating the half with Suleman not having much to do. Dewji was picking up pieces at the back while Zia and Panju controlled the flow of the game in the middle. Shortly before half time Panju made a bombing run down the right wing. His cross into the box deflected and went in. 3-0!! The whistle blew for half time and the team went in confident for the second half. After a short encouraging team talk the game resumed with Tommy coming on for Panju. The opposition started off hungrily and were rewarded with a goal. We were slightly taken back by this and adjusted quickly. Suleman from his goal line played a ball up to Zia who went round the defender and calmly finished into the net. However the opposition had an instant response to this. They quickly broke away and scored. 4-2!  After this goal the game calmed down. Khatau came on for Dewji and Yahya moved into centre back. With both sides battling hard without success. A few minutes before the end of the game Tommy played a pass to Jameel who finished into the centre of the goal. 5-2! Tirelessly the game went on with both sides battling for every challenge and despite the size of the opposition we held our ground. The final whistle blew and we emerged victorious.

A huge thanks to Shams Janmohamed who coached us on the day.

By Jameel Walji