SJFA U14 vs St James Meerkats


Ali Abbas Sulieman (GK)
Shaahid Ali Mohamed
Ali Zaman Alibhai
Zia Dewji
Ali Hadi Govani
Ali Merali
Husayn Yahya Merali
Ammar Kassam
Jameel Walji
Mohammed Mehdi Jahnmohammed
Mohamed Mehdi Panju
Muhammed Mehdi Dewji
Sami Merali

It was a cold freezing morning. SJFA waiting to hear kick off whistle. First half was really good all players passing nicely and constantly putting pressure on the opposition. Aliabbas (GK) made a few really good saves as normal but unfortunate for him the other team scored from a through ball that led to the goal. We got a penalty but unfortunately Sami (Cf) missed it. However a few minutes later Ali Hadi (RW) gives an assist to Sami who scores a half volley with his left foot to the bottom corner. After a couple of minutes Zia Dewji (CM) passes to Ali Hadi who goes through the defence and scores a banger with his left foot. Then nice passes played by the opposition which lead to a one on one goal. After a few attempts by the opposing team they finally get a penalty, but our great keeper Aliabbas sees the ball going left and pushes out followed by a good clearance. Then they score again. After a while Sami scores a left foot again assisted by Ali Hadi which curls towards the left corner confusing the goal keeper, what a goal. Then once again a good goal by the other team, the score was 3-4. The second half was quite good as well nevertheless giving us a few chances, but only did we realise that we had no fitness which led to 4 great goals by St James Meerkats, the final score being 3-8.

Report by Muhammed Mehdi Dewji