SJFA U14 vs Westwood Park Invaders


Ali Abbas Sulieman (GK)
Ali Zaman Alibhai
Zia Dewji
Ali Hadi Govani
Ali Merali
Husayn Yahya Merali
Ammar Kassam
Jameel Walji
Mohammed Mehdi Jahnmohammed
Mohamed Mehdi Panju
Sami Merali
Ali Khatau

On a cold Saturday morning, SJFA battled it out against Westwood to get a win. Westwood were a hard opposition as they were joint top in the league on points and just behind on goal difference. Despite this, the SJFA players came to the game with a great mentality and intensity with a desire to win. The players had an amazing warm up, where they practiced passing as well as movement and positioning. After the coaches brought the players in and we got into a huddle and discussed the tactics, formation and game play. The players and coaches put their hands in to the middle, said bismillah and shouted SJFA!

SJFA kicked off and straight away the teams were fighting for possession. Both teams had many chances, but it was Westwood who took the advantage after a corner was whipped and they scored a rebound from a clearance in the box. Westwood 1-0 SJFA. However, the SJFA players lifted their spirits and heads and were straight on it. The defence was strong for the rest of the half closing down attackers as well as the keeper making some beautiful saves. On the other end, the attack and midfield were passing it a round with great confidence. At the end of the first half it was Westwood 1-0 SJFA. The players ran in too the coach who praised them for their effort and discussed with the players on how we could improve. Once again, the players and coaches put their hands in to the middle, said bismillah and shouted SJFA!

This time Westwood kicked off and were on the front foot with great attacking play. They managed to score another goal after scoring from a header at the near post from a cross. Westwood 2-0 SJFA. The SJFA players were determined and kept their heads up high prepared from a comeback. This spirit paid off as they were straight on it creating many chances unfortunately not being converted. Finally, the goal came for SJFA after Mohammed Mehdi Jahnmohammed whipped in a beautiful cross and Ali Hadi Govani came up from centre back and connected from the cross to score a volley into the bottom right corner. Westwood 2-1 SJFA. The players were battling to equalise creating many chances. Unfortunately, after a counter attack, Westwood took a hard shot into the top right corner and scored. Westwood 3-1 SJFA. The battling continued with players fighting for possession, and after a hard tackle in the box on Mohamed Mehdi Panju late in the game, SJFA had a penalty. Sami stepped up to take the penalty and unfortunately couldn’t convert after hitting it down the middle at the keeper. A few minutes later the ref blew the whistle and the game ended Westwood 3-1 SJFA. The players shook hands and returned to the coaches. Yet again the coaches praised their efforts and said they the attitude and amazing game play didn’t relate to the score. Man of the Match was given to Ali Khatau: for great defensive work and passing, Ali Abbas Sulieman: for making some spectacular saves to keep SJFA in the game. and Ali Hadi Govani for scoring the goal as well as playing a great defensive game and controlling the back four. The players gathered in the huddle and recited Dua-e-Faraj. The boys left knowing they had played an amazing game and one of the best performances of the season which was also quoted by the managers.

By Ali Hadi Govani