SJFA U15 vs AFC Wembley


Muhammad-Zayn Kalyan (GK)
Yasir Merali
Abbas Datoo
Mikaeel Jaffer
Ammarali Jetha
Muhammed Virjee
Mahdi Ladha
Owais Mawjee
Mohammed Abbas Lilani
Abbasali Gulamhussein
Abid Karawalli
Muhammedmehdi Karim (C)
Qasim Suleman

Coach – Hassnain Suleman

A cold start early on a Saturday morning was probably not the best of situations for the boys involved in the tough fixture against a formidable opponent. The start of the first half in this game could only be described as unfortunate with a series of missed chances for SJFA and two early goals for AFC Wembley. However, the boys bounced back and put on a heroic defensive effort for the rest of the half, leaving the Wembley players frustrated at their inability to break through the defence.

The second half, however, was a very different story. AFC Wembley had a huge amount of substitutes and the fresh players that they brought on to the pitch had more stamina. As a result, Wembley broke through early into the half twice, each resulting in a class goal. Midway through the second half, Muhammed Mehdi played an incredible ball to Ammarali Jetha, who nodded it down to Mahdi Ladha who used his pace to get past the opposition defence and calmly slot it into the bottom corner; it was a really well worked goal. SJFA had started to gain momentum but it was too little too late and when Wembley slotted home another goal, the match was sealed.

Whilst it was a 5-1 loss, the boys deserve credit for sticking at it with such a tough fixture. It was a tough team to play against, in tough conditions and the boys put on an incredible display, all things considered.