SJFA U15 vs AFC Wembley

Saturday 7th October
Line up:
Owais Mawji (GK)
Sameer Kanji (C)
Abbasali Gulamhussein
Adam Chandoo
Mohammed Abbas Lilani
Sajjad Janmohamed
Ammaarali Jetha
Mahdi Ladha
Qasim Suleman
Zain Bandali
Ahmed Fazli
Abbas Datoo

The match started on a cloudy and rainy day at Willesden Sports centre at 12:30 p.m. refereed by one of the coaches from AFC Wembley.

Wembley got off to a blazing start by scoring 3 consecutive goals in the first 10 minutes. Our goalkeeper did his best to save them but our defence were beaten for pace. The opposition’s wingers whipped in crosses that beat our defence and the ball ended up in the back of the net.  Our boys had their heads down but Coach Suleman never gave up on them and shouted some encouraging remarks and made a vital substitution.

Although our boys were disheartened for a while they showed real character to come back into the game. The defence started to make vital tackles especially by Qasim Suleman who used his strength and pace to get the ball and Owais with a few good saves and Adam Chandoo dropping deeper to make a couple of lovely tackles. The boys started to put some passes together that Wembley could not stop. A brilliant pass from Samir let Mahdi run through and smash the ball into the net. Mahdi turned out to be the real hero of the game for the SJFA as he scored 7 great goals for us in the first half. One goal in particular stood out, it was an interception from a clearance in which Mahdi used the outside of his foot to volley it over the keeper into the top corner.

The first half finished 7-7 with the SJFA having the psychological edge. The midfield played a key part to these goals with 2 lovely assists from AbbasAli and a few others.

The second half. Lack of energy and fitness brought SJFA to its knees as the boys had a tough time keeping up with pace and the tempo of the game. The Wembley boys passed through our defence scoring 4 consecutive goals.

However, after one attack from Wembley that was brought down by Abbas Datoo with a superb tackle the Stanmore players sprung into a counter attack where AbbasAli beat his man with skill but was brought down. The freekick was in very good position and Samir whipped it into the box with a beautiful cross where Abbas Lilani manged to volley it into the back of the net. The game ended 11-8 to Wembley.

If the boys had shown better fitness and physical strength the score line would definitely be in the SJFA’s favour.

Man of the match: Mahdi Ladha

Report by: Mohammed Abbas Lilani