SJFA U15/16 Futsal League 10.02.2018.

Muneeb Kazmi (GK)
Mohammedmehdi Karim (C)
Mahdi Ladha
Mohamedabbas Lilani
Abbasali Gulamhusein
Sajjadali Janmohamed
Yasir Merali
Shabbar Kassam
Hassnain Suleman

On Saturday 10th Feburary 2018, SFJA Under 16s played two futsal matches. The first match started at 4:00pm and had got off to a decent start to the first half, with very fast action-packed one touch pass and go football and we were only down 4-1 in the first half. The second half began and due to lack of energy it went downhill for the SJFA under 16s. After a tiring 20 minutes with the boys outstanding effort near the end of game, The match concluded with a score of 7-1, which was not too bad for their first futsal match.

The second match was underway after a brief rest period and the opponents were a lot tougher than the first. The opponents scored first, taking the lead over SJFA but within a matter of seconds we scored a wonderful free kick, with the keeper rooted to the spot leveling the score to 1-1 The first half ended with a score of 8-1 to the opponents with the boys’ lack of experience and rules of futsal affecting the result. The second half began and the boys had finally figured out a tactic to contain the opponents by marking every player and not allowing the opponents to get any passes through and it had worked as not long after we scored a wonderful team effort. The team had finally realised what it took to score a goal and not long after we scored another. We then added a 3rd to the score sheet with a clean shot straight into the inside side netting. It was a wonderful second half with a score of 8-3. The boys had dominated the second half 2-0 and every single player on the pitch played their part. If the boys were given a third match, without a doubt they would be capable of winning.

Report by: Muneeb Kazmi

Manager’s review:
With a lack of experience in futsal it was always going to be a tough couple of games. However the players quickly learnt and put in an amazing 2nd half performance in the second match. They tracked, marked their opponents and moved the ball a lot quicker. Our players were literally on their knees at the end. Well done we are really proud of you all.

Futsal builds your stamina. Improves your ball control. Teaches you how to play as a team. Its fast, action-packed and fun for parents to watch aswell.
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Hassnain Suleman
T6 manager 
Futsal level 1
FA Level 1