SJFA U16 Team B – AlKhoei B

On Saturday 10th December SJFA played Al Khoei school, who brought a strong team. The game was played at the Hive at 4:30 and was played over three, twenty minute periods, which gave all the players a chance to get good game time.

This current team consisted of players who had little external experience, so it was a great opportunity for them, which they all took. Each player played with 100% commitment which is what we ask of all our boys.

Al Khoei started strong, with good attacking players scoring 2 quick goals, however a great solo goal by Asgherali Jaffer, who ran down the right wing and took a long range shot which hit the back of the net without the keeper even realising! Al Khoie showed they are a team who play together well and went 4-1 ahead, but with all of our boys getting a chance to play and good touches on the ball they started to create chances, mainly through Kashif and Yassir in the middle. SJFA did tire towards the end of the second period falling 5-1 behind. After the last set of substitutions and in the third period, SJFA after going 6-1 down created 3-4 chances with Asgherali Jaffer and Mehdi Dhirani, which were unfortunately not converted. one of the chances were handballed by the opposite team on the goal line and Muntazir Jaffer converted the penalty on the final whistle, ending the game 6-2.

All the players played well with the football however more external matches are needed so they can understand more about the game in match situations.

Special mention to Yassir, Muneeb and Muntazir who all volunteered to rotate in goal. Lastly and best of all, Man on the Match goes to Asgharali Virani, who played in the centre of the defence, he won nearly all his tackles and used his stength and speed to stop Al Khoeis main threat through the game.

Sabir Datoo, Coach Tier 6 u15/16