SJFA U16 Team Jafferys vs Al-Sadiq Boys Secondary School

8 a side – The Hive

Jafferys team:
Mahdi Merali(c)
Muneeb Kazmi
Kumayl Gangji
Ammaar Merali
Mohamedjawad Gulamhusein
Kasif Fazli
Mohamed Iqbal
Asgerali Jaffer
Aliredha Suleiman
Ahmed Fazli

It was quite a cold day and all the players were a bit tense. The game started off at a slow pace. We started well by passing the ball around with the occasional non-successful attempt on goal. About 5 minutes in, we conceded a very undeserved goal where the opposition played a through-ball right down the middle of our defense. After this goal most of the players’ heads dropped and we definitely were not working as hard as we could. After conceding a few more goals in exactly same way, we managed to get a breakthrough, which was finished with simple finesse by Kumayl Gangji. All the players then began to try harder.

At half-time, we were all given a stern talking-to by the coach and rolling subs continued throughout the rest of the match.

At the start of the second half, the players started to become much more aggressive in their play, which improved our game and we ended up scoring another goal, again by Kumayl Gangji. With 20 minutes left until the end of the game, we started playing our best and our defence became much tighter. We had more chances on goal too. However, when another goal by Al Sadiq went in due to the scrabble in our box, our players no longer took the game seriously and stopped trying.

The game ended 9-2 to Al Sadiq, and we were all very annoyed at the loss.
What we learned:

  • Playing in different positions helps us to understand the game better.
  • Supporting each other is of utmost importance, no matter how good we think we are.
  • We have to continue to give 100% till the very end.

Mohamedjawad Gulamhusein
Tier 6 player