SJFA U16 Team Stanmore vs Al-Sadiq Boys Secondary School

Yasir Merali  (gk)
Yaseen Valjy
Mohammedmehdi Karim
Qasim Suleman
Imran Dewji
Zainali Bandali
Ali Malik
Haider Nathani
Alireza Mussa

The match was played on a truly freezing and miserable winter day at the Hive.

The match started with Mussa played well down the wing, feinting left and right, and tricking the opposition. Unfortunately, he was fouled just outside the penalty area.  A well-rounded free kick was taken by Yaseen, which was saved by the keeper and then deflected off his hands. It was then followed by a kick that was blasted away from the penalty box. We had possession most of the time, but just couldn’t convert. The first half was very tight with no goals scored, but soon after, Al Sadiq scored from a quickly taken free kick, making it 0-1.

Although our defence was solid, our offence wasn’t as good as we were losing the ball in their half.

However, we fought well and managed to regain possession. A great low shot was aimed by Ali that unfortunately glided past the post. There was also some great running up and down the wing and brilliant dribbling but we needed to release the ball quicker. A few long-distance shots from them beat our keeper, and the game was over with a score of 4-0 to them.

It is always disappointing to lose, however we did ourselves credit for competing so hard and kept our composure throughout, playing well, but obviously not as good as we could have.

Despite the loss we have realised that we need to practise our shooting as we didn’t get many shots off in the game, and if we don’t shoot we won’t score. We also need to work on passing the ball more often and a lot quicker!

Final score:
SJFA (Stanmore) 0 – 4 Al Sadiq

Ali Malik
Tier 6 player