SJFA U6 vs Ickenham FC

Saturday 9th June 2018

Saturday 9th June 2018 saw the first game of the season for U6 – Reception/Tier 1. It was a sweltering Summer’s afternoon with the temperature well into the 20’s. SJFA boys were there at 11:15am ready for the kick off at 11:30am.

Our boys warmed up in the hot sun, in their new SJFA kits and were in good spirits. The setup of the game was a challenge for our boys, as the pitch was approximately four times the size of the pitch that our boys are normally used to playing on. The game format was five a side with rolling subs, with four, ten minute quarters.

We had seven boys making up our team – Zane Al Hadad, Hadi Al Hadad, Yusuf Merali, Yusuf Jaffrey, Kaysan Pirbhai, Eesa Ali Jan Mohammad, and Ammar Lakhani.

The game got underway under the excellent supervision of the Ickenham coaches. The size of the pitch was an immediate challenge. During the first and second quarters the game was quite close. The score being 0-0 for the majority of the first quarter, with both sides SJFA and Ickenham having a few opportunities in front of goal. A few notable challenges from Ammar Lakhani in defence and a superb save by Yusuf Merali in goal helped in raising the spirit of SJFA.

During the second and third quarters Ickenham were able to use their superior organisation and familiarity on the scale of the pitch to their advantage. Eessa Ali, Kaysan and Hadi  did well in the midfield with some silky dribbling and passing moves. Yusuf Jaffrey made a great save in goal, and also made a few decent challenges in defence. However Ickenham were able to score goals freely and took advantage of some lose defending by SJFA.

The standout moment of the third quarter from the SJFA perspective, was a crunching tackle by Kaysan, it was a sliding tackle that Vincent Kompany would have been right in front of our goal. Zane Al Hadad made a few very good tackles in the fourth quarter which stopped Ickenham scoring even more goals.

Our boys made us proud, by making a huge effort and working hard (without any moaning at all – even though the temperature was very hot). The final score was a disappointing 11 – 0, however it was a good learning experience for our young boys who persevered throughout the game and didn’t let their heads drop.

Raza Jaffery – Tier 1 Coach