SJFA U6 vs St Joseph’s Youth ’88 Football Club

On a cold Saturday morning in the depths of Kenton, Harrow history was made. 5 little warriors braved the elements, put on their red shirts with pride and represented SJFA at Under 6’s level for the first time in the 2017/2018 season. Their opponents were St Josephs Youth 88 FC. The squad on the day were:-

Eesa Ali Jhanmohammed
Kaysan Pirbhai
Musa Al-Siraj
Mikael Daya
Hurr Hussein

While their parents stood on the side in hats, gloves and dressed like they were in Alaska – these brave little men ran and ran, fought for every ball, passed, tackled, shot, scored and celebrated every single moment of playing time that they were given. They played as a team and reminded everyone what is important about football – having fun! The warriors as cold as they were smiled, laughed and joked with each other – and when they scored they all celebrated together as a team. It is sometimes lost upon us as parents caught up in the everyday stresses of life that our children just want to play and have fun. While we may decide to stay at home as its too “far” or its too “cold” we forget that it is the children that miss out on these moments in life.

Watching from the side-lines there was also a sense of joy watching the parents actively involved and feeling proud about their little warrior – these moments do not come back – there maybe other moments but none the same as watching your 5/6 year old running with a football with a huge smile on his face. Did the score line matter – of course not – at this age its not about results – its about the enjoyment of the game, about friendship and creating a bond with others.

From an SJFA perspective this was a milestone for us in terms of this was the first fixture in the 2017/2018 season for the under 6’s and by association we should all be proud of the steps that SJFA have made over the past two years. . We urge all the parents to continue contributing and supporting the young players; from these 5/6 year old warriors to our 15/16 year olds at training on a Sunday or the friendly matches we arrange on an ad hoc basis. We need your support and encouragement to take SJFA forward and we hope over the coming weeks, months and inshallah years we will have this.

Hussein Pirbhai (Parent and SJFA Head of Development)