SJFA U7 – Tigers vs Kings Church Amersham Harriers


RaihanAli Dewji
Yusuf Merali
Javadali Muraj
Nadhirali Rajwani
Owais Chandoo
Hassan Merali
Husayn Kermali
Adil Walji
Ilyas Nazarali
Ali-Hadi Jessa

Finally a dry day at our home ground to welcome the Kings Church Amersham Harriers.

A Great charge from Javadali Muraj giving us an early lead. 1-0
The Harriers were really keeping our boys on their toes but an awesome partnership between Javadali Muraj and Yusuf Merali proved the Tigers were not to be messed with.
After the 2nd quarter whistle, the Harriers had a very quick kick-off and rushed into the Tigers goal though luckily our keeper was able to clear it away.
However, following a corner the Harriers were able to score through an under the defended goal and equalise. 1-1
Unlucky Javadali Muraj had the ball swiped from his feet but a great save by Hassan Merali and sent the ball down the line.
After the Half time whistle, Husayn Kermali was given the captaincy and we saw some notable contributions from the team. Yusuf Merali whilst in goal was able to enthusiastically clear the ball away from the eager Harriers. Adil Walji was aggressively pushing hard down the line. Nadhirali Rajwani and Ali-Hadi Jessa were a formidable defence doing their best to clear the ball and not let the opposition get a chance in our half.
A great run by Hassan Merali and RaihanAli Dewji but they were denied a goal due to the Harriers’ keeper proving he was a force to be reckoned with!
In our final quarter, RaihanAli Dewji was captain and Nadhirali Rajwani was our keeper.
Even after 3 throw-in, the Harriers were not able to penetrate our defence due to Husayn Kermali and Adil Walji & Owais Chandoo were putting up a very strong defence ensuring that the opposition was kept at bay.
Javadali Muraj endured what looked like a very tough tackle but after a few encouraging words were back on his feet and able to take the free-kick. A beautiful kick into their box but in such a crowded area the Tigers were denied the goal they deserved.
Overall a great match with some amazing shots and some unfortunate near misses.