SJFA U7 v APB Barnet

SJFA Tier 2 Line Up:
Adam Dewji
Asad Ali Bandali
Haani Merali
Hossein Habibi Nameghi
Husayn Merali
Muhammad Mahdi Govani
Uzayr Mawjee

The format of this friendly encounter was structured as five 10 min matches/playing time (5 aside). APB started the initial period brightly, dominating the play, SJFA were forced to defend in numbers Uzayr, Hossein, Husayn, Adam were all back defending, and Asad started in goal producing decent saves from APB’s long range shots. SJFA resorted to playing counteracting game initially but as time went on SJFA started to dominate the matches and had more of the ball, this allowed Adam and Husayn to score excellent goals. In the final period SJFA showed signs of tired legs, this allowed APB to take advantage and score couple of quick goals from outside the box. The final score was 7-5 to APB.

Overall it was a good performance despite the loss. SJFA rotated the positions and goal keepers so that every player gets experience/practice of playing in different positions. The boys displayed good defending at times and were excellent on the break. Uzayr and Haani displayed good defending skills and were always keen to push forward. In midfield Asad, Mahdi and Hossein showed good hassling and tackling. Adam and Husayn were involved in all SJFA’s attacking, Adam scored 4 and Husayn scored 1.