SJFA U8 v Hendon FC

1st Half. The whistle blew and Stanmore Jafferys took the first touch. Adam and Hossein started pressurising the opposition straight away, and also made long runs down the line. Muhammad Mahdi made some good tackles as did Amaar. Soon after, Deen kicked the ball down the pitch from the goal kick which was controlled by Aadam very superbly. He turned, ran, shot and scored! Aadam had opened the goal-scoring with a wonderful goal.

Directly after Aadam’s kick, Rayyan Ali pressured the opposition so much that the ball was won by SJ. Muhammad Mahdi played the ball nicely for Aadam to shoot, and bang! He scored his second goal  of the day. Amaar made a good clearance when the opposition broke out on a counter-attack but defended well. Soon after, another counter-attack broke and unfortunately the opposition scored. making it 2-1 and the whistle blew for half time.

2nd Half. As the first team came out with a promising result it was up to the second SJFA formation to bring the result even further up. The game started off well with Stanmore Jafferys pressurising the opposition. Deen made a good run resulting in his first goal.Soon after, Mehdi scored from a cross making it 2-0. Asad and Haani pressured the opposition resulting in another goal by Deen as he smashed the ball from the half-way line.

The opposition attacked back but Aadam saved a good shot from them with Uzair clearing the ball in defence. The 2nd Half ended with a score of 3-0. Well done to all the teams for participating.

Imran Karawalli, Tier 5 and brother of Tier 2 player