SJFA U8 vs Hendon FC

Stanmore Jafferys Under-8’s played a tough 5-a-side game on 18th February 2017 at Silver Jubilee Park against Hendon. Their preparation had been great and all the boys were up for it.

Starting Formation:

GK: Abbasali Muraj
CD: Asad Ali Bandali
CD: Haani Merali
CM: Husayn Merali
ST: Yacine Atmani

Abbasali: had a great spell in goal and commanded his area well despite a barrage of shots on his goal. The first quarter was tough but he displayed some great shot-stopping and cutting out crosses. His handling was excellent and his movement fluid when he had a stint up front.

Asad Ali: held his men very well, tracking and positioning them. He showed some excellent strength against some very tough opposition, and helped his team mates out well.

Haani: partnered with Asad very effectively showing some great teamwork and tackling ability. He was frequently called upon to track the opposition down the flanks and showed stamina. He made a heroic stop on the line.

Husayn: his movement was instrumental in the middle of the pitch. He was always looking for a pass and looking to get the ball whenever he didn’t have it. He also had to be alert to cut out passes from the opposition when they countered.

Yacine: led the line wonderfully. He forced the opposition into many mistakes, showing strength, skill and determination. He even forced an own goal from them with some excellent persevering play, never giving up on the second ball.

By: Husein Virji