SJFA U8 vs Holy Trinity Strikers

SJFA U8 15 – 0 Holy Trinity Strikers

Zain Dharas (4 goals)
Zayn Khatau
Shabbar Alibhai (1 goal)
Ali Nurmohamed (5 goals)
Abbas Rajvani
Mikhial Rashid (1 goal)
Hassan Valjy (3 goals)
Husain Bhaloo (1 goal)
Jaabir Merali

1st Third
On a miserable wet morning in Harefield, coach Jamil Merali sets the team up with Rashid in Goal, Rajvani and Merali in defence, Khatau, Valjy in midfield and Dharas upfront.

SJFA wasted no time in getting on the score sheet within a minute with a great goal from Dharas, who scores from right wing assisted by Khatau. 1-0 SJFA.  Dharas follows up quickly stealing possession high up the pitch and getting his shot away. 2-0 SJFA.

SJFA worked hard building from the back with Merali and  Rajvani with good industry in midfield from Valjy and Khatau with Dharas pressing the opposition deep in their half.  All this strong play nearly payed dividend with Khatau and Valjy both coming close before Dharas intercepted a pass in midfield running towards the right finished smartly into the bottom corner for his third in as many attempts. 3-0 SJFA.

Having seen little activity in the SJFA half the defence started to get in on the action. A great tackle and super run from Rajvani nearly resulted in a great goal, but the finish was just shy of the target.  SJFA finished the third strongly with Valjy poaching the ball high up the pitch, showed quick feet to dribble past one and capped it with a finish between the keepers legs. 4–0 SJFA.

2nd Third
Coach rings in the changes for the second third, with Merali, Khatau and Valjy coming off for well earned break with Bhaloo,  Nurmohamed and Alibhai coming on.

Coach reworked the positions with Rajvani now in goal, Alibhai and Rashid in defence, Dharas and Bhaloo in midfield with Nurmohamed up top.
SJFA pick up where they left off with an early corner.  This is taken byNurmohamed which lands in front of Rashid who quickly stabs it home. 5-0 SJFA.

resulting in a well earned goal. 6-0 SJFA.  This was soon followed with Nurmohamed’s first of the match with a great run and right foot finish 7-0 SJFA.

This then followed a period of strong pressure and great of play from SJFA with a shot from Dharas flashing across goal, Nurmohamed crossing into the box with Bhaloo just inches away, whilst Rajvani spectated from between the sticks with nothing else to do.

SJFA win a free kick just over half way,  Rashid and Nurmohamed combined for a set piece from the training ground delivered by Nurmohamed, which flashed across the box, without anyone being able to get the telling touch.

Alibhai and Bhaloo worked tirelessly preventing the opposition from making any progress in the SJFA half.  On one rare foray by Holy Trinity it was quickly won back and Bhaloo, who went on the counter attack with a great run down the left wing but wasn’t able to deliver the final ball as the defender made up great ground to usher the ball out of play.  Rashid commanded the defence and showed poise with a Cryuff turn to confuse the oncoming attacker and calmly play the ball into midfield.

Eventually the strong play resulted in a sudden flurry of goals with mistake at the back by Holy Trinity resulted in Dharas stepping in and firing a shot past the keeper. 8-0 SJFA. Again good early pressure, a run from Rajvani squaring it Bhaloo  who passes it to Nurmohamed who applies the final touch. 9-0 SJFA.  Ref blows the whistle to end the 2nd Third.

Final Third
For the final third coach shuffled the players around with Rashid, Rajvani and Dharas coming off and Khatau, Valjy and Merali rejoining the action.
They lined up with Alibhai now in goal, Bhaloo and Merali in defence, Khatau and Valjy in midfield with Nurmohamed leading the line.

Ref Nazir Rajvani realised his agility wasn’t quite what what it was in the 90’s at Park High on a Sunday and failed to avoid a lose ball.  Having interfered with play, the ball was wrestled back from the ref by Holy Trinity and was cleared upfield by the opposition. Merali halted their progress and pumped it down the field resulting a corner to SJFA.  The corner yielded a smart finish by Nurhmohammed. 10-0 SJFA.

Holy Trinity from the kick off found some attacking prowess with their front man running clear, Alibhai made himself big and strong making a great save from their first shot on target.  This seemed to allow Holy Trinity to grow in confidence and had their best spell of the game with their first corner of the match, but the defence stood strong and managed to spring several counter attacks, one with a great run and sublime finish by Nurhmohammed. 11-0 SJFA.

Coach decided to change things and placed Nurhmohamed in goal and Alibhai in attack.

Strong pressing from Valjy and Khatau partnership in midfield created chances, the most notable was a double save from the keeper with Bhaloo breaking and running through. His shot initially saved, Khatau’s follow up also saved with the ball landing to an unbalanced Bhaloo who could only stab it wide with his left foot.

The hard work was eventually rewarded when Alibhai converted a difficult opportunity in off his knee. 12-0 SJFA.

Coached swapped things again with Nurhmohamed returning to the front line Bhaloo going in goal, SJFA stepped it up again and finished the match strongly with a great run from Valjy who shot just wide and again nicked it in midfield shooting from distance again just wide.

Merali continued to offer great cover and super distribution down the line to Nurhmohamed, who demonstrated a cool finish right footed from a tight angle. 13-0 SJFA.

There was no respite for Holy Trinity with a marauding Valjy who runs down the right, cuts in and punts it between the keepers legs. 14-0 SJFA.

Great cover from Merali again spring boards another attack, Nurhmohamed runs onto it and try’s repeat of his earlier goal from the same tight angle, but this time the keeper is equal to it and saves onto post and out for a corner, which was cleared. Nurhmohamed  wins it early again in the opposition half and rifles it low and toward the far post, but again the keeper made a  great save low to his right.

But Nurhmohamed wasn’t to be denied, again showing great pressure, he wins the ball back and shoots from distance bringing out a great save for the keeper, Nurhmohammed was first to react and followed up with a great goal. 15-0 to SJFA.

A final long range shot from Merali that went wide was the last kick of the match.  Great result and top team performance from the boys with strong resilience in difficult, cold and wet conditions.

A special thanks to the parents once again for coming and encouraging the boys with positive comments. Also special thanks to Hassan Rashid for writing this report and Malikah Allibhai for washing the kit.

SJFA Coaches on the day: Jamil Merali and Nazir Rajvani.

Report by Hassan Rashid