SJFA U8 vs Pinner Albion


Asad Ali Bandali
Uzayr Mawjee
Haani Merali
Husayn Merali
Abbas Ali Muraj

Venue: Headstone Manor Recreation Ground
On a fine (Saturday 11th March 2017) morning, SJFA played a Friendly against Pinner Albion. It was a spirited display against a good side.
The game was spread across two 20-minute halves, and with no subs, each player worked tirelessly across the full game.

Abbasali Muraj – played the first half in goal, making some good saves and distributing well from the back. He played up front in the second half, always hassling the last defender for possession and creating an option on the break when going forward.

Asad Ali Bandali – an outstanding performance. Did not stop running in the first half, whether pressing the opposition whilst defending or supporting the play going forward. He played for half of the second half in goal and made at least three top-class saves, somehow reaching the top corner to palm away the shots on goal.

Haani Merali – held the back the line well in the first half, selflessly blocking the opposition’s shots. In the second half, he moved into midfield continuing his defending but also linking up the play well when attacking.
Husayn Merali – worked tirelessly on his own up front in the first half. He dropped to defence in the second half to shore up the defence, starting the attacking moves by playing it out from the back. He played the last 10 minutes in goal, keeping a clean sheet with some good saves.

Uzayr Mawjee – defended strongly in the first half but joined into the attack more in the second half. He ran the full length of the pitch on the break on more than one occasion, forcing the opposition keeper to make some good saves.

By: Afzal Merali (Tier 2 Coach)