SJFA U9 – Eagles vs Holy Trinity Juniors Scorchers


Ali Nurmohammed
Zain Dharas
Zayn Khatau
Mikhail Rashid
Ammarhussain Lalji
Husain Bhaloo
Hassan Valjy
Abbas Rajvani
Zaki Mavani
Aadam Merali
Jaabir Merali

Stanmore started really well pressing the goal and with a few good threaded passes and we had 3 early shots in goal. Corner kick to Stanmore and Ali Nurmohamed takes the corner, it comes back to him and what shot (or was it a cross?) at goal – one-nil Stanmore.

Quickly followed by Zain Dharas to Ali Nurmohammed combined and what a cross in ricochets off the post for a nice simple tap in from Zaki Mavani. Strikers attack hoping to get one back but a sprint from Abbas Rajvani from before the halfway mark into his own box with a great tackle denies the Strikers.

First-quarter two-nil to Stanmore

Second-quarter got underway and the opposition started with a great pace proving that Ammar Hussein Lalji in goal is always a safe pair of hands.

The good link-up play between Hassan Valjy, Zain Dharas, and Zaki Mavani but cleared by the opposition. What a corner from Zain Dharas and unfortunately no tap in for Zaki this time.

Solid defence from Stanmore with Jaabir Merali and Aadam Merali stops an attack again and the corner kick to the opposition. With a simple cross towards goal and an unforced error by the goalkeeper brings the score to 2-1.

This was followed by a simple clearance from the Strikers goalkeeper and what a cracking shot on goal unfortunately just wide.

Second-quarter ends 2-1 to Stanmore.

Third-quarter begins where the second stopped with loads of energy and what a tackle by Hussein Bhaloo, Zayn Khatau, and the Stanmore team was up in the energy.

Corner to the opposition who had a good chance, unfortunately, handball called as the ball bounces up and off a strikers attacker in the box.

After a brief flurry, Stanmore was at it again, they need to keep up the pressure. A deflection saw the goal wide open but the ball landed flat and had no chance of going in, cleared by a relieved strikers defender. However, a goal side scramble saw a shot from Abbas Rajvani smash it into the goal. 3-1 to Stanmore. Third-quarter ends 3-1 to Stanmore.

Stanmore was pressing again and Mikael in goal was enjoying the peaceful view as the midfield and forwards were busy mopping up the pressure and what a save from the keeper as Ali Nurmohammeds shot was put wide for a corner.

What a cross from the strikers and the poaching striker makes it 3-2 to Stanmore.

The opposition was pressing and a defender’s clearance from Amaar keeps the score at 3-2. Good Throw in from Ali and the short just goes wide & on that last kick the game ends 3-2 to Stanmore.

Match report by Abbas Khatau.