SJFA U9 vs Indian Gymkhana

Deen Pirbhai
Mehdi Waljee
Husayn Merali
Haani Merali
Amirali Jaffer
Mikaeel Dadlani
Asad Ali Bandali
Uzayr Mawjee

The kids started well and played well as a unit.  The defense was tight and the midfield I thought held the ball well.  The passing was a bit wayward, but every time we lost the ball we managed to get it back.

We tried to play the ball from the back and passed our way to the top, but each time it got intercepted at the last bit.  Eventually IGK broke away and our defense was split, and they had a three on one in their favour, and they were never going to miss.

After that, we continued our good work.  We pressed well, and we passed out the ball well.  We managed to get a few shots on target, but they weren’t enough to make the goalie work.

Unfortunately a few minutes into the second half, IGK broke away again and scored their second and final goal.

All the boys played well, and there wasn’t much between any of them, but I have to talk about a few outstanding performances:

Amirali Jaffer- Superb in goal, made a lot of saves to keep us in the game, and his passing out was very good.

Uzair Mawjee – Solid performance, as he was left to defend on his own against three of their attackers on a number of occasions, and managed to keep them at bay.

Mehdi Waljee – Played really well in defense and in midfield, was all over the place getting stuck in.

Man of the match for under 9’s has to go to Uzair Mawjee

Written by Tahir Alloo (coach)