SJFA Uniglobe Kit Flight to Iraq

The new season is in full force and all our SJFA players are equipped with the new official 2018/2020 kit. With this in place, SJFA has decided to embark on the Uniglobe Kit Flight with Iraq as its final destination.

As part of our partnership with the Iraqi orphanage in Diwaniya, where our coaches have sponsored orphans, we did a football gear collection last year at the time of Arbaeen. Alhamdulillah we had a very good response resulting in a number of suitcases being delivered to young children who love the game of football.

Many of our coaches are now preparing for Arbaeen once again and with that we are re-launching our KIT GIVING drive which will put smiles on many orphans’ faces as they run around on the astro pitches in Diwaniya.

Subsequently we are kindly requesting all SJFA members to take part in this drive as follows:

  • Hand in the 2016/2018 SJFA kit (RED UNIGLOBE)
  • In addition, we can collate any other football kits you wish to donate for above purpose (please note the condition of the kit has to be respectable and this should not act as a dumping ground of torn and worn out kits)

Logistics and Times for collection:

  • Sunday 7th & 14th October during training at Harefield Academy
  • Please give to an SJFA One-Team Member

Many thanks in advance for your co-operation and let us pray for safe Ziyarat travels.

Salaams and Duas