SJFA – Vibrancy, Growth, Progress

Stanmore Jafferys Football Academy continues to deliver growth and progress, keeping the club vibrant and alive.

We continue to create, foster and strengthen friendships and brotherhood, whilst delivering development in the game of football.

SJFA is also a platform where the principles of our faith and akhlaq are cemented and embedded across our activities.

Over the past 3 years of SJFA, Alhamdulillah, as you will be aware our work has been recognised and awarded by various external national bodies – including The FA, Middlesex FA, Asian National Awards, BEDSA and Muslim News Awards.

This season, we are celebrating yet another milestone and achievement in our history.

This time it is not in form of silver-ware or an award, but rather in form of fulfilment of a long lasting dream of our community.

Where historically, CoEJ MAMT was the only ambition of our season calendar, last 2 years of external friendly and tournament games have prepared the grounds for the current 2018/2019 season, marking SJFA’s entry to an external league for the first time in our history.

This is perhaps amongst the most fulfilling and valuable achievements in our journey so far, as 3 of our age groups over the past 6 weeks have engaged in their historical league games.

Inshallah as we keep fulfilling our vision and dreams the aim is to bring in the majority, if not all, age groups to the league next season.

The journey to this point has involved a lot of planning, hard work and dedication by parents, players and in particular our flag-bearers, namely the coaches.

We have today nearly 40 dedicated volunteers as coaches, investing their time and effort on a weekly basis.

Out of these, more than 30 have already obtained FA Level 1 qualification and as of November this year, 9 coaches have embarked on their FA Level 2 qualification. This is a course stretching over 12 weeks where coaches spend a full Sunday 9am-5pm including undertaking planning and coursework in between. At this point, we would also like to recognise the support from their families enabling the coaches to allocate time towards this.

These 2 developments clearly illustrate the continuous progress SJFA is delivering in parallel with the growing demand and participation where last Sunday noted a record-high number of 171 (!) players in training at the same time across all age groups.

The Middlesex FA continues to recognise our work and most recently SJFA obtained a special mention at the Annual Grassroots Awards two months ago in the Charter Standard Club category.

Whilst ensuring our internal strength and growth, it is essential we share best practice and opportunities with communities who are on the same pathway. In this regard, our sister communities appreciate our guidance with Birmingham joining Hyderi and SJFA to become an FA affiliated club a few months ago. This illustrates collaboration and harmony on an inter-jamaat level driven by SJFA.

Our outreach programmes continues to be an integral part of our philosophy and embedded in our DNA which we are currently developing. This includes our support towards the orphans of Diwaniya in Iraq both financially as well as supplying kits and equipment. Over and above the international arena, our charity work on the home ground forms a partnership with Sufra – the local food bank. We are also exploring a soup kitchen set up this coming Christmas before we take a well deserved holiday and break.