SJFA Visit To Anameel Al Rahmma Elementary School For Orphans

As part of the Social Responsibility Program, the SJFA are currently supporting two orphans at the Anameel Al Rahmma Elementary School For Orphans in the Iraqi suburb of Diwaniya, which is approximately 40km from the holy shrines in Najaf. It was once a thriving agricultural place and now one of the poorest towns in Iraq.

Poverty in Diwaniya is rampant and this is the only school in Iraq designated for orphans who have lost either one or both parents. This was funded by 2 Iraqi philanthropists, where one donated the land and the other cost of construction of a very modern school which boasts the latest technology and facilities. The school, which is owned and run by a local NGO, Anamil al Rahma (fingers of mercy) has 6 classrooms, a library, an IT room, an Astro -turf pitch and dining hall and kitchen.

The primary education is for both boys and girls who come from poor families, and who have lost a father and/or mother whilst protecting their communities from ISiS/Daseh.

The children are provided with an annual clothing allowance, 2 meals per day and transportation with quality education. The teachers speak English as there is an emphasis to teach the language.

On the 7th November, representatives of the SJFA -Mohammed Valjy ( SJFA Chair) Safraz Valjy (Head Of Operations) and Hussein Pirbhai (Tier 5 Manager/Coach) had the privilege of visiting and seeing first hand how the school is run.

SJFA were welcomed by Sister Huda who herself was an orphan at the age of nine when her own father was executed by Saddam Hussein. Sister Huda and her team showed us around a number of classes covering IT, Maths, English and Arabic. We also had the chance to see the boys playing football during a P.E. lesson.

The purpose of the visit was to hand over children books for their library. The books were donated and collected by the SJFA coaches which were very much appreciated by the School.

What began as a tearful start to the visit as we listened to how the children where orphaned; ended with tears of joy as we saw the smiles of the children and the value the support brings to these children. We were informed that it costs US$1,600 for one year to sponsor a child (which covers the cost of transportation, food and educational equipment). The cost also includes full annual health cover for the child and their family.
We would like to thank Sister Huda and the team for their hospitality during the visit and I confirmed SJFA’s commitment to support the inspirational work she and her team continue to strive for the school.
Should anybody want to support the school who are currently looking at purchasing:

Laptops (for the teachers)
IPADs (for the IT class)
Equipment for setting up the Science Laboratory
Sports Equipment for Sports Lessons

Please contact Mohammed Valjy at for further information.
Pictures and video of the visit.

Salaams & Duas
Mohammed Valjy
SJFA Chair