SJFC 1st Team vs Bushey Rangers Saturday First

This week was a big fixture for SJFC as they matched up against the team that were top of the table. SJFC started the first 20 minutes pressing extremely well led by the energy of their strikers Yaseen and Amirali. Stanmore then conceded 2 scrappy goals between the 20th and the 30th minute that put them on the back foot. There was a chance at the end of the half to pull one back but unfortunately the effort went wide.

The second half did not start too well for Stanmore as they conceded a 2 further goals in the first 10 mins. Amirali then managed to put Stanmore on the scoresheet with a nice through ball from his strike partner Yaseen.

The game ended 6-2 with Amirali scoring another goal assisted by Mehdi Hemraj. Big learning point from this game was how to score different kinds of goals. Bushey Rangers goals’ came from keeping it simple and getting up to the opposition box as quickly as possible.

Murtaza Merali