SJFC Adults Consultation Summary

SJFC held their adults consultation last Sunday the 12th of July. The panel included Shafique Govani (SJ Chairman), Nazir Rajvani (SJFC Chairman), ‘Uncle’ Mohammed Vajly (Head of Football and Engagement), Hussein Pirbhai (SJFC Technical Director), Mazharali Gulamhussein (1st Team Secretary & Operations) and Ali-Abbas Datoo (1st Team Treasurer and Flexi League Operations).

Below is a summary of the main points that were discussed at the consultation:

  • The survey is open to vote on the new kit so please vote!
  • Flexi league will carry on for the league and non league players
  • Training sessions will be split for league and non league players
  • We are currently in talks with a second coach, who will work closely with the first team coach. This second coach allows us to have more of a focus on the non league players and allow them to develop with more attention. This also allows us to have a clear pathway for players to earn their way in to the first team.
  • We will set out clear house rules and cadences of how we will operate as a club
  • We are looking for one more person to join our organisation team! The role will be “Head of Training Operations”. The tasks include working closely with the coaches, storing and bring equipment to training sessions, helping out with ad hoc tasks with the rest of the organising team. If you are interested, please message Mazharali Gulamhusssein or Ali-Abbas Datoo.

All of our decisions were based on feedback we received from you in our strive to make the SJFC experience as engaging and valuable to the community as possible.

The link to the full consultation is below