SJFC Adults Internal Tournament

As the calendar year draws to a close, SJFC held an internal 8/9 a side tournament this Monday the 13th. 35 players had signed up to play in the session at Tithe Farm from 8-10, all being captured by the Veo camera.

The teams faced off in 10 minute round robin games, after which the bottom 2 teams would play in the 3rd vs 4th match before the finals between the top 2 teams.

The 3rd vs 4th match was between the Blues and Non-bibs. The Blues were lead by Murtaza Merali, Mazharali Gulamhussein and our very own Shafique Govani in goal. The Non-bibs starred Gibran Pirbhai, Irfaan Kanji and SJFCs Unity games top scorer Hussein Gulamhussein, the latter two both scoring in the match leading the non bibs to a comfortable 2-0 victory.

The finals was played between the Oranges and Greens. The Greens were short handed for the whole tournament but were star studded with the likes of this years leading goalscorer Yaseen Valjy, Maitham Gulamhussein, Abbasali Merali and SJFC skipper Hussein Pirbhai Jr. in goal. The Oranges however had stars of their own, led by their talisman Amirali Merali and one of Dubais finest imports Abbas Rattansi. It was Amirali who found Shahid Abbas Jaffer making a darting run which resulted in the tournament winning goal for the Oranges in a competitive 1-0 win.

As mentioned earlier, all of this was recorded and uploaded to our youtube and instagram channels as found below.

3rd vs 4th: