SJFC Announce Unity Squads

The Unity Games will be held once again in Dubai and take place between 24th – 29th December. Over the last couple of months our 2 squads have prepared and planned accordingly and will be captained by Murtaza Merali and Fazelabbas Mohamedali.

We are pleased to share the two SJFC Unity Squads traveling to Dubai:

Stanmore A
Zamin Shabir
Imran Ladha
Mohamedasif Rajabali
Abbasali Merali
Yaseen Valjy
Mohammed Gulamhussein
Murtaza Merali (C)
Amirali Merali
Mazharali Gulamhussein
Hussein Gulamhussein
Mahdi Merali

Stanmore B
Mujtaba Husain Jaffer
Ali-Abbas Datoo
Yasin Merali
Sadiq Ali Jaffer
Fazelabbas Mohamedali (C)
Mahdi Shabir
Maisam Merali
Maitham Gulamhussein
Baqer Abboud
Ali Dharas
Ammar Jetha

All the best to both squads and inshallah all our Unity participants will have a safe and successful journey.