SJFC Training Overview

Salaamun Alaykum Parents and Boys,

All Tiers: Outdoor Astro

In preparation for our first training session, we ask all parents to please read the following guidance carefully before attending training and matches for SJFC.

  • For a full self-screen checklist, see page 4 here
  • Please ensure boys are appropriately dressed and have shin pads.
  • Follow Government guidance for travel, including car share/lifts and minimising use of public transport.
  • Active participants should arrive changed and ready to take part.
  • All boys to bring a named water bottle and no sharing of water bottles please.
  • Personal hygiene measures should be carried out by everyone and hand sanitisers must be used at the training/match venue.
  • For adults the use of changing rooms and toilets must adhere to Government guidance. Anyone who is deemed vulnerable in respect of Covid-19 is reminded to follow the Government’s guidance, only returning to football when it’s right for them to do so. Please note there will not be any changing facilities for boys at training on Sundays.
  • Hands should be washed at the earliest opportunity even is sanitised post training
  • Everyone must continue to maintain social distancing including in any facilities where groups of people congregate (e.g. car parks, outside training grounds, clubhouses etc).
  • Everyone should upon arrival and leaving the facility follow the traffic-flow system the club or facility provider has put place.
  • Anyone who becomes infected after training/matches must report this to the NHS track and trace system
  • Parents and players will need to consent to the full SJFC COVID Code of Behaviour

It also goes without saying that boys must wear appropriate clothing and equipment for playing, weather conditions etc including shin pads without which they will not be allowed to participate in the training session.

We look forward to welcoming you all to the start of our training for this season and look forward to the boys once again helping to push SJFC to new heights.

A copy of the club’s risk assessment can be found here
Youth Practice
Youth League Harefield
Youth League Maple
Our policy documentation can be found here
Safeguarding Policy

If your child has any specific medical conditions, please ensure that you discuss these with the club welfare officer and or coach and agree the best way to support your child’s needs e.g. you staying to watch nearby and taking responsibility to administer the medication. For your information the club may use a form such as the one in FA safeguarding Guidance Notes 8.2 to gather any relevant information from you.

Please contact SJFC Welfare Officer: for further information

Salaams & Duas