SJFC Trials & Training Sessions Underway

SJFC picked up from where they left off from last week’s trial with further trials & training sessions. Attendance was once again high, with 37 players arriving on time and ready at the home of SJFA, Harefield Academy.

There were over 10 new faces from the last trial, including a handful of recent SJFA tier 6 graduates. The session included an intense warm up, followed by short fitness and technical drills, before we broke for salah, and then matches.

At the end of the session, Ali Kamal gathered all the players together for a short pep talk. In this he mentioned how the quality of the session, which was already good, had improved from last week, and he could see players beginning to grow in to 11 a side football.

The momentum is still building up with the resurgence of adults football, with 50+ registering interest for the next trial & training session on Monday 29th July.

We will also have further trial sessions on the 5th & 17th August.

We will continue to update you all on the progress of this fantastic new chapter in the SJFC journey as we strive and build towards participating in the league and future tournaments.