SJFC U10 Bears vs Chalfont St Peter FC U10


1. Eesa Ali Janmohamed
2. Amaan Merali
3. Shabbar Alibhai
4. Mikaeel Daya
5. Hurr Husain
6. Muhammedali Khimji
7. Zayaan Shirazi
8.Ammaar Jaffer
9. Isa Ali Sumar

Chalfont score from long range shot, keeper tried but couldn’t keep it out. SJ spring to life passing and tackling like they want one back but the Chalfont team press making it tough for the boys to get it out of their half. Two goals in quick succession from Chalfont. The fourth from long range on the left side. Coach Raza keeping the boys spirits up.
SJ start well, passing and moving but Chalfont on the counter cross and score. SJ restart well passing and moving, getting into the challenges. Pressing forward Hurr shoots forcing a good save from the goalie. Chalfont pressing, winning corners and applying pressure. SJ holding them out and working the counter attack.
Even start between the sides, Chalfont hit the post. Eesa receives the ball great run and brought down! Free kick taken in front of goal but no luck for SJ. Chalfont pressing, cross from the wing in front of goal with 3 attackers, one pokes it in! Rest of the quarter really played in the middle with possession changing between the teams.
Team talk inspires SJ to work harder to win the 50/50s. But the Chalfont team keep at it to score. Ball being played in the middle of the pitch. SJ working hard to win the ball, foul and free kick for Chalfont. Shot from long range into the back of the net! SJ start quickly push forward passing and moving, on the break lots of passes in front of goal and Shabbar ends up one on one with the Chalfont keeper – he scores!!!