SJFC U11 vs St James Bisons Utd


  1. Jaabir Merali
  2. Hassan Valjy
  3. Hasan Hussein
  4. Amaan Merali
  5. Zaki Mavani
  6. Husain Bhaloo
  7. Mikhial Rashid
  8. Ali Nurmohamed
  9. Aadam Merali                   
  10. Zain Dharas
  11. Ammar Hussain Lalji
  12. Abbas Rajvani

1st Quarter
Bisons kicked off the game looking to press forward straight away but a great tackle by Abbas Rajvani to Zayn Dharas who broke on the attack. This set the scene for the rest of the quarter with the Eagle keeping control of the ball in the Bisons half. The Eagle had a couple of chances but the Bisons keeper was up to the challenge denying the Eagles more than once.

2nd Quarter
The second quarter of the game got off to an exciting start with the SJ Eagles 1-0 up after great pass to set up a brilliant shot by Ali Nurmuhammed.  Number 26 of Bisons, who’d been subbed on for the quarter, pushed Zayn Dharas to the ground inside the box and the referee, Ali Dharas, blew his whistle. The number 26 kicked the ground and protested but the ref was having none of it. Zayn stepped up to the penalty spot and tried to copy Jorginho’s technique.  He stuttered in the run-up but the keeper wasn’t fazed. Zayn chose aim rather than power. However, luck did not favour him. As the ball rolled towards the bottom left corner, it narrowly missed the post and Bisons breathed a sigh of relief.

Recovering quickly from his unfortunate miss, Zayn and Abbas Rajvani immediately pressed on the opposition and eventually won the ball in the centre of the pitch. From there, the ball was played out to Ali, who squared it back to Zayn. He then hit a brilliant pass over to Hassan Valji, whose shot was just wide of the right post. Three or four minutes later, the Eagles had again recovered the ball. Ali dribbled down to the right wing and passed to Abbas in the middle. Abbas cunningly drew out Bisons’ left-back giving Ali (who had just about managed to stay onside) and squared it across. Ali’s shot sailed like a meteor in to the bottom left corner. Things were looking good for the Eagles at half-time; they were relentless and their hard work had paid-off

3rd quarter
As soon as the Eagles kicked off, they resumed their oppressive attacking football. Following brilliant pressure from Abbas, Zayn and Mikhail Rashid, Zaki Mavani was waiting in the box and he guided his shot to the keeper’s left. A few moments later, Adaam Merali recovered the ball and passed it to Hussain Bhaloo who passed it down the line to Hassan. Hassan hit it to the edge of the box where Zayn hit a powerful shot but the keeper denied him with a sturdy hand.

A few minutes later, Zaki and Zayn did a brilliant one-two to get around a player, but 26 came rushing in. He slid in horribly and tripped Zayn. The ref was immediately at the scene and 26 received his first warning. Sadly things went downhill for the Eagles there. The ball was lost in midfield and some players didn’t have the energy to track back. It was only a matter of time before Bisons capitalized on this. Two minutes later, they put in a through ball which glided past Hassan Hussein. Ammar Lalji, the goalkeeper, came rushing out in order to stop them but the bison’s player used Ammar’s momentum against him and simply went around him. He then shot in to the empty goal just as Adaam arrived but he was too late. Eagles 3, Bisons 1.

4th quarter
Spirits slightly tarnished, the eagles launched back into the 4th and final quarter and immediately attempted to win back possession. Following a brilliant pass by Mikhail to Ali in the centre, Ali flicked it onto Abbas. Abbas then dribbled through the centre and found an opening through to Zayn who then finally scored his much desired goal. Moments later, the Eagles won a corner. Just as Ali took it, Jamil Uncle  – the coach – cried, “Stop!” The ref turned to see wht was the problem but forgot to pause play. Zaki, the recipient of Ali’s pass driblled clost to the line and passed to Zayn who then struck it low. The keeper was well beaten as the shot bounced of the post and went in.

However classy it was, the goal wouldn’t stand as Jamil Uncle had confused the Bisons players. Take number two at the corner was not as successful and Bisons cleared it away after much hassling. Finally, after ten more minutes the referee blew for the end of the game . The Eagles left the ground, standing proud

MoM – Mikhail / Zayn

Match Report Zaki Mavani (Player)