SJFC U11 vs St James U11 Bisons United

Sat 29th Jan 2022

It was a windy morning in Maple Cross but the two teams were ready to play their four quarters.These were the players playing in the match for SJFC:

  1. Ammar Hussein Lalji
  2. Amaan Merali
  3. Jaabir Merali
  4. Husain Bhaloo
  5. Zaki Mavani
  6. Ali Nurmohamed
  7. Mikhial Rashid
  8. Hassan Valji
  9. Zain Dharas

The first quarter started with SJFC controlling the game and having a lot of possession. All of a sudden, Abbas with a lovely dribble passes it to Ali but he hit the crossbar. Great chance for SJFC to start leading the game. But then Bisons had a bit of possession and moved the ball towards the SJFC goal. Luckily, Ammar Hussein was there to stop Bisons from scoring first.

Then Zain had a free kick which was blocked by the Bisons defender but the ball went to Ali but he didn’t score. End of the first quarter, SJFC dominating but the score was 0-0.

It was still quite windy but the Sun was starting to peel through the clouds. The whistle went and the second quarter began. Bisons were looking stronger than they were in the first quarter. The drove the ball forwards but again, Jaabir was there to help SJFC to get it away.

Bisons were having more possession than they had in the first quarter as well. Abbas was behind a Bisons’ player and fouls him. A Bisons’ player takes the free kick but luckily for SJFC, it went over the top of the crossbar.

SJFC were back in their form and Mikhial slid a through ball into Zaki. Zaki took a few touches and he scored past the keeper at the near post! What a phenomenal goal scored by Zaki! 1-0 to SJFC.

SJFC were getting back on track and Ali was given the ball but he did not score. End of the second quarter and SJFC were leading 1-0.

The Sun was out and the players were ready to score as many goals as they could. The whistle went and the game was underway once more.

SJFC were looking dangerous with Ali on the right-hand side and it looked as if he was going to score and yes, he scores and what a goal! SJFC were leading 2-0 now.

Bisons kicked off again but almost immediately, SJFC had won the ball back and this time it got distributed onto the left-hand side to Zaki who’s shot went out for a corner.

Bisons and SJFC were looking equal and then suddenly, SJFC were on the attack but luckily for Bisons, Zaki was offside. Zaki still does some lovely skills to take it round the keeper and then he passes it into the goal.

Then Bisons were on the attack. They tried to get a killer ball through the defence but Husain intercepted it and the ball went out for a throw in.

A few minutes later, SJFC were moving the ball around, trying to get a goal. Abbas was in the box and he got fouled. Penalty to SJFC! Who was going to take this penalty? Ali was going to take it. He ran up and shot.

The keeper saved it but the rebound fell to Ali and he smashed the ball in top bins! 3-0 to SJFC!

The whistle blew again and Bisons had to get a goal back. A few minutes later, SJFC had won a corner. Ali curled it in and a Bisons’ player smashed the ball into his own net. Unfortunate for him but another goal for SJFC! 4-0 to SJFC.

Two minutes later, Abbas ran into the box. He passed it in but at that same moment, he got squashed in between two Bisons players. SECOND PENALTY OF THE MATCH! Hassan Valji was to take. He took a short run up and the goalkeeper saved it!
It was still 4-0 to SJFC.

A minutes later, the whistle blew and it was the end of the third quarter. 4-0 to SJFC.

The players were tired but they were still going to play as if they hadn’t played at all. The whistle blew and the last quarter had started. About seven minutes in, Ali shot from the edge of the box taking it to 5-0 to SJFC and Ali has scored his hat-trick.

The whistle blew again and SJFC were hungry for more goals. Two minutes later, Amaan did a lovely bit of skill to Zaki who crossed it in for Hassan to strike it in with his weaker foot!
A consolation for Hassan after missing the penalty. 6-0 to SJFC!

This was definitely game over. Three long minutes later, the final whistle blew and SJFC celebrated their big win against St James Bisons.

Match Report: Husain Bhaloo (player)