SJFC – U11 Zoom Call

The SJFC U11’s league team met on a zoom call to catch up, discuss the season so far and compete in a team game. The boys initially caught up on haircuts and zoom backgrounds which quickly moved onto the recent drop in form and loss by Liverpool early that evening. With Amaar Karawalli leading the charge from the Liverpool fanbase, conversations resulted in a forfeit for either the Man Utd fans or Liverpool fans as a group doing 100 press ups depending on who finishes lower in the league.

While the boys cannot train together in person, we took this opportunity for each player to talk through their personal highlight of the season and their individual focus for improvement when we return to training and matches. Highlights included headed, volleys and freekick goals, as well as big team wins. Each player has a specific point they want to improve on from increased stamina to shooting accuracy, the benefits in discussing this openly as a team is for teammates to help each other improve at training and in matches.

The session ended with two randomly split teams who had to create a best XI. The boys took it in turns to select any player which had not already been picked, with a restriction of only two players from one team. Below are the two teams, and the results of an online poll from the coaches’ group which voted the winner to be Team Two with 73% of the votes – The players in Team 1 will now face a fitness forfeit!!

Anyone can play this game at home; you can create your own rules and restrictions (E.g. Specific leagues / 1 player per team…) to make it easier or harder.

Sabir Datoo