SJFC U15 vs Kings Church (Amersham) U15 Albion


  1. Jaabir Walji
  2. Abid-Hasan Ravji
  3. Adam Hasan
  4. Qasim Hadi
  5. Hassan Merali
  6. Suhail Merali (GK)
  7. Abbas Ali Ladha
  8. Adam Valjy
  9. Husayn Gulamhussein
  10. Aqil Karawalli
  11. Alireza Hamir
  12. Muhammad Aqeel Mavani
  13. Alirayhan Merali
  14. Sajjad Suleman
  15. Sayed Hussain Alavi

This was our first league game of the season and we were all excited. We only had a squad of 12 players, 4 of which were from the tier below (U14s) and we were missing 3 or 4 of our main team members.

The opposition had a full squad (15/16 players) and were playing their second game of the season.

We started the match of strongly, in the first few minutes it was obvious we were the stronger team, it had only been 10 minutes and we had already taken 2 shots on target. On our 3rd attempt Hussain Alavi scored a goal from just outside the box it deflected of their defender and went into the bottom corner.

They then started to get into the game and after about 15 minutes their man got past our defenders and took a shot, the ball was very slippery so it was very tough to save for the keeper (1-1). Just before half time they made some substitutions and exerted more pressure on us and they scored a second goal (half time 1-2).

In the second half the opposition kept rotating the subs so kept the team fresh. We only had one sub and it began to show, we were tiring and they scored 4 goals in 25 minutes.

But we kept our heads up and perservered and eventually Hussain Alavi scored another goal which was assisted by Qasim Hadi. We were in need of that goal. A minute later Qasim then scored another with a beautiful assist from Ali Rayhan. There was 11 minutes left and we were on the attack we had missed 2 shots on goal. The opposition then scored another 2 goals on the break.

The score ended 8-3 to the other team but we still played very well considering!

Sayed Hussain Alavi