SJFC U9 vs St James U9 Panthers – City


Murtaza Mehrali
Ilyas Ali Nazarali
Adil Hussein Walji
Javadali Muraj
Yusuf Merali
Hassan Merali
Zachariya Mohamed
Raihanali Dewji
Nadhirali Rajwani

Dull grey skies, a chilly and damp Saturday morning, but the boys arrived ready and raring to get onto the pitch.

The previous encounter with St James U9 Panthers City in October had ended at a 1-1 draw. The boys were determined to take the win this time round.

As the match started, it was evident that the boys had been working on their passing skills, with beautiful cohesion between them to get the ball towards the goal.

However, a few minutes in, SJFC boys conceded a goal despite a great effort by the goalie. They kept their heads up, more determined than ever to get themselves onto the scoresheet.

They kept the pressure on, and were soon awarded a penalty. Hassan set himself up and the ball struck the back of the net!! With the score even at this point, the boys continued driving forward. A couple of beautiful attempts on goal were finally rewarded with Zachariya scoring and soon after, Hassan drove home his 2nd.

It was evident that the Panthers were beginning to feel the pressure, and they started to step up their attack. However, SJ were awarded a free kick after a player was elbowed. Ilyas hammered the ball home, taking the score to 4-1 by half time.

After a pep talk at half time by the coaches to keep focused and determined, the boys stepped back onto the pitch.

The boys soon created a beautiful chance with a great pass in but it ran just wide of the post. Not to be deterred, following the goal kick in, they took another shot. The goalie got to it but it skimmed his fingers and rolled passed the line.

The Panthers gunned forward many times, testing the solid SJFC defence and Adil and Murtaza also made some brilliant saves.

As SJFC consistently kept up the pressure, the Panther’s goalie also made some lovely saves.

The final adrenaline rush resulted in some exquisite passing up the pitch, a stunning cross in by Javadali and beautifully finished by Hassan for his hat-rick!

At the final whistle, the score was 6-1. What a phenomenal game, with clear evidence in the boys’ progression through regular training.

Man of the match was Adil for his consistent efforts at the goal line.

Match report by Rukayya Muraj (Mother)