SJFC U9s Medals & Iftar

On 5th April, the SJFC U9 players and their families met to enjoy iftar together, reminisce the football season to-date and thank our coaches, Mustafa Muraj and Sadik Merali.

The evening began with salaat and a delicious iftar prepared by The Hubb along with fatiya from the parents.

Hassan Merali and Husayn Khimji delivered a thank you speech to SJFC and specifically to Coach Mustafa and Coach Sadik. The boys shared their favourite memories of the season, including the dramatic victory from being 5-1 down at half-time.

The boys were presented with the medals from the Cup/Shield Final where they were unfortunate to lose 2-0. Nonetheless, reaching the final and a string of excellent league results has shown how far the SJFC U9’s have progressed this season.

The SJFC U9 squad receiving medals were:

Owais Chandoo
Raihanali Dewji
Muhammad Yusuf Dhirani
Aaqib Kazmi
Husayn Kermali
Husayn Ali Khimji
Murtaza Mehrali
Hassan Merali
Yusuf Merali
Zachariya Mohamed
Javadali Muraj
Muhammad Hamzah Muraj
Ilyas Ali Nazarali
Ali Rahemani
Nadhirali Rajwani
Adil Husayn Walji

Coach Mustafa and Coach Sadik were each presented with a token of thanks in recognition of their outstanding services to coach the team at league matches and Sunday training. The boys and parents alike were quick to applaud their continued enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment.

The evening was attended by 18 families from the players, coaches and guests. Mohammed Valjy (Head of SJ Adults Football and former head of SJFC) attended, along with Safraz Valjy (SJFC Administration team), readily dispatching half-marathon training advice.

Yaseen Valjy shared some excellent advice to the young footballers as they continue their footballing journey, particularly to take full advantage of the coaching from SJFC.

Taking inspiration from other SJFC league teams, the U9’s families plan to meet for more social events away from the pitch.

Thank you to our Qur’an, dua, qasida/munajaat and ziarat recitors, including Abbasali Muraj, Bashirali and Nadhirali Rajwani, Husayn Kermali, Zachariya Mohamed, and Ali Mahdi Merali.

Our thanks to Hujjat Primary School and the Headmaster Mr. Poole for providing their beautiful School Hall for the event.

Report by Zahid Khimji (parent)